At Diorama Collective we are dedicated to producing high-quality
outputs that convey the charisma of the natural world
while maintaining a high level of scientific accuracy.

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand.



Leilani Walker @lanipai

writing | concept design | project management

I come from a research background with a PhD in behavioural ecology from The University of Auckland. I have experience writing for a range of readerships with academic papers and popular science content within my personal portfolio. While I love all of our native flora and fauna, I have a particular fondness for terrestrial invertebrates and am passionate about changing people’s conceptions about some of our smallest neighbours.


Emma Scheltema @emmascheltema

illustration | design

Emma is a freelance illustrator specializing in creating illustrations that communicate and clarify technical information and scientific and medical concepts, based on her training in ecology, biomedical science and visual design.